The Local Apple Cart was founded by Rachel Nally and inspired by her neighborhood ice cream stand called the Apple Cart in Cleveland, Ohio.  Growing up in the inner-city of Cleveland wasn’t the easiest. Times were hard, and life was a day-to-day struggle. But the Apple Cart was something you could rely on no matter how difficult life was.  You always knew when they were going to open in the spring or close in the fall.  The menu items were consistent, and the owner was always friendly. This stability is so important in a young person’s life. It wasn’t a surprise that the Apple Cart would become Rachel’s first job and the passion of her future entrepreneurial ventures.  

The Local Apple Cart is known for our homemade ice cream infused with locally grown fruits served from our food truck. Our focus is to use seasonal fruits to construct our ice creams, so every bite tastes juicy with just the right amount of sweetness. Our food truck offers a variety of sweet and cold treats. Fresh dipped fruit such as strawberries, frozen bananas, and apples. Homemade soft serve ice cream, sundaes, swirls, floats, milkshakes and fresh lemonade. Just look for the cute pink truck with sprinkles. 

We will be making the transition from food truck to full-time business at Union Street Market during October 2022. In addition to our homemade soft serve, we will be adding homemade hard dip ice creams with plenty of creative and vegan options.  Did anyone say alcohol infused?  We will be infusing some of our favorite ice cream recipes with premium spirits.  Talk about happiness in a cone. Try a whole Pineapple filled with Dole Whip, Tequila, Cherry juice, topped with whipped cream or a fresh hard lemonade. We will still have some of our truck favorites such as frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and of course caramel apples. Needless to say, we are beyond excited about this new venture.